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Hello to everybody,

my name is Jevgenijus, I would like to present you a unique and, I’m sure, one of the newest ways to know yourself, to wake up, to begin to see. That’s a method of seven tiers how to perceive the real self and not the one that was created by society, that was influenced by parents, relatives, teachers. This method will help you to get free from all of this, free from the things in us that are not actually ours, that hold us back from becoming the real us. These methods are very simple, some say even too simple, that’s why I have created 7 tiers. They are not grades nor levels, just simply tiers. Because you yourself can choose the tier to be in. If you are spiritually ‘grown’ and can stay in the 5th, 6th or 7th – that’s your choice. That’s the most important thing to understand about these teachings. I give you only the knowledge, information and the means to achieve it. So when the teachings start, you will be able to choose the tier yourself – first, second, third, fourth…. You don’t have to follow them from the 1st till the 7th. You have a completely free will to choose which methods to follow. You could try these, you could try something else, my task is to bring you knowledge.

So, there are 7 tiers. Maybe it seems strange that they go from bottom up (though for me it always looked strange that we write from top to bottom), but what we are doing is called self-education, and education helps us grow. So how can we grow from top to bottom? That’s why I have created from bottom up – we grow from all the dense, negative energies towards the top, towards pure and positive ones. Everything grows towards the top – a man, a tree. So, there are 7 tiers, maybe there will be more in the future, but even after completing the first three your life will be changed completely – you will feel great, you won’t get ill anymore, you will understand and accept everybody in a positive way.

It’s not a mistake that the 6th and the 7th tiers are connected, till the 6th we go like climbing the stairs – we finish one (we apprehend, understand, we learn), then we move to the second, but from the 6th there’s a transformation to the 7th. I will explain it later describing the 6th tier.



Responsibility – for everything, words – pure speech, thoughts – the way we create, energies – choices.



It is very important to take the responsibility for everything that surrounds us. When you say ‘the weather is bad and I’m not guilty for this’ – you do not take the responsibility. When you say ‘the government is bad, I haven’t elected it, others did, the government is to be blamed for the high prices of gas and electricity’ – you do not take the responsibility. If you are here, so you have created everything that is here or it was created according to your intentions and wishes and you are there where you wanted to be. You choose yourself. So you should take the responsibility for everything. Until you take it, you won’t be able to move on, because everything that surrounds us also teaches us, reflects us, everything is for our own sake.


Words have power. You are the same as your language. If you use a lot of swear words, there’s a lot of disappointments, negative energies (‘I cannot, I am afraid, it won’t work’), the Universe understands it as your intention, accepts it as your wish to be like that, and you get it. That’s how it works. You should speak purely and positively, so the language doesn’t contain negative words, negative meaning (not to mention swear words, curses, bad wishes – this is really very bad).


Thoughts have the same effect as words. Thinking that saying, doing, asking, making a project in mind doesn’t count, we are wrong, it counts, it happens. We create inside our mind. We create it in ethereal levels and then it ‘ascends’ to physical levels, happens in our life. That’s why the next step is to start controlling not only your words, but also your thoughts. While smiling to somebody you shouldn’t think bad about him.


What are they? Energies are what we choose to use in ourselves, what to generate – is it love, peace, kindness or is it anger, disappointment, malice, etc.? You have to make a choice. Dense, negative energies are heavy, they lower us, press us into the lowest ethereal levels. Positive energies on the contrary, they raise us, that’s why when we are happy, when we love, we feel ecstatic. That’s why you should choose what to use, what to feel, what to generate. You have to control it, if you feel anger, disillusion, you should remove it from yourself and get filled with positive energies. This way you start your ascension, your spiritual and material grow, creation of a new divine you.


THE 2nd TIER  

The 2nd tier is one big question mark made from hundreds of questions: why do we get angry? what is happiness? how to purify yourself? why do I need it? why I’m not lucky at work? how to find a partner? what is karma? how to recognize negative energies inside yourself? how to earn money? how to fix your health? what food suits me? what is God? what is Earth? why am I here?…


When you clean yourself from negative, dense energies, a lot of pure thoughts will come to you that will be guiding you in your further way. The answers to these questions will enable you to make conclusions, decisions and changes. For example, often people ask how many past lives they had, but getting an answer to these kind of questions, doesn’t enable them to make decisions or execute certain actions, it’s only a curiosity (curiosity is a negative energy. Strive for knowledge, determination, courage, persistence, consistency, diligence – these are positive, divine energies to be used). So ask questions from your heart, ask about the things that would guide you and push you forward, otherwise you’ll just keep on going in circles. Cleaning yourself from negative energies you make space for positive thoughts and words, for the questions that would really give you a push to the right path.



The 3rd tier is working with lifelike situations, understanding the causes of negative situations, refusing and releasing them, understanding what, why and how is happening, finding the root cause of the problem and eradicating it.


After finding the answers with the help of the 2nd tier and using the knowledge from the 1st, we already don’t have so many heavy and negative energies in the 3rd one. We don’t have strong disappointments, fears, lack of confidence in oneself – we are cleaning it constantly, working on it, so here comes an inner feeling, a seeing, so called intuition, but actually we are starting a conversation with the Heart and the Soul. It becomes easier to work with the situations. What is a lifelike situation? For example, somebody made you angry, so you have to see why it happened, to understand it, apologize and then you won’t get angry anymore. Maybe it will take some time to grasp it, but it’s easy. Also you will start to understand the root causes of the negative situations – why it has happened. E.g., you are driving a car, somebody suddenly appeared just in front of you, you had to stop, so you got angry. You say ‘I’m angry because that ‘fool’ appeared in front of me out of a sudden, he is not able to drive’. Actually, he is not a ‘fool’, it’s you who want to control others, you want him to drive the way you think he should – quietly, following the first line, without disturbing your life. So anger is actually only a consequence, the cause is your love of power, your wish to control – that’s what you have to work on. It’s called a perception of the situation – why you did got angry. That is finding the root cause and eradicating it. At the beginning (the 1st tier) you are only cleaning anger, then you start to feel and see deeper – the causes.



Now there’s a time for an intermediate tier where a very important decision is awaiting. I have even called it a very important information. Moving from the 3rd to the 4th is very important. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be enough for you to arrange your life, to understand what is a negative energy, you will not allow anger, disappointment and similar energies inside yourself, you will really rule over them – people, environment will not irritate you anymore. You will not become a master of auto-suggestion or affirmations, but you will feel and know, what the energies are and you will not want to generate the negative ones inside yourself, you will not let them in – seeing that a negative energy is rising somewhere you could stop it at once and remove it. Now I will introduce shortly what’s going on in the 4th tier. We will start to see everything here: ethereal levels, Father-God, Mother-Earth, some, if needed, will start to see past lives. Here’s an intention: having a Free Will I take a complete responsibility and I understand, that using these methods I am changing my life and everything that surrounds me. You will start to see (I’m not saying that you won’t be able to come back, that’s another question – if you want to come back, but you will change your life irreversibly), so take a complete responsibility, because I am taking it for the knowledge that I’m giving to you. Be responsible.




First part


What is a Human Being? The Highest Self, Spirit, Soul, Heart, Physical body.


Here we will talk about the components of the human being in different levels – spiritual, material, physical, ethereal, energetic. The main, fundamental things are these: physical body (what we physically sense and see), that has energetic levels. The latter include the Heart (a human has physical and spiritual heart), the Soul, the Spirit and The Highest Self/Divine Self/Divine level. All these structures should be united. Right now we are scattered over, often we live only with a physical body, guided by mind and logic, not hearing our Heart, Soul, Spirit, not even talking about the Highest Self and our divine level. Our goal is to ‘assemble ourselves’, to get united, to restore a connection with what we are really made of, then you will start to see (understand) everything.


Second part


Project ‘Earth’.


In the second part we will talk about the project ‘Earth’ – what is Earth, what kind of project it is, the purpose of it, what is a human being on Earth, his mission, destination, function, why there are so many options on Earth? Why there is a complete freedom of choices: to kill, to rape, to rob, create an atomic bomb, kill millions of people – why? You will get the answers. Why a human being has a right to choose between negative and positive energies? Why should he cope with negative energies, let them go and use only positive? Here we will also talk about the mission and destination of a human being – what is a profession, what are the possibilities, what is a self realization? We will explain what is the structure of a human, why one could be a perfect doctor, another a perfect builder, but not vice versa. A person could become whoever he wants, but it’s all upon his mission, his nature, his destination, his structure how much he could express himself. If you have come to Earth to be a builder, to build wonderful houses, where people could live safely and cosy, if it’s your Divine Plan, and then you decide to be a dentist, you will be a dentist only at 70%, while you could be a builder at 100%. Do you see the difference? That’s what we have to find, really get to know ourselves, who we are, what we are able to do, our possibilities, perspectives in a material life.


Third part


How is it done? 1st + 2nd + 3rd tiers, restoration of the connection with all your divine parts, the day’s routine and intentions.


So, how is it done? It is done using the first, the second and the third tiers (questions, work with energies and situations, that’s how we are getting purified) and restoration of the connection with all our divine parts in energetic levels: with the Soul, the Spirit, the Highest Self. First of all the connection is restored with the Heart, then with the Soul, Spirit and the Highest Self – divine level. Here we will also talk about the day’s routine when you follow your path – the path of self-knowledge, purification, obtaining information directly without any mediators (what I’m offering is not through me, I’m not your teacher, I’m just giving you methods for working with yourself). In the 4th tier I’ll explain how to do it and how to achieve it.





Working with past lives, karma. Controlling and understanding all the past, present and future situations. Understanding and correcting all the mistakes and their consequences.


Who wants to go further, who needs it, who chooses to look deeper, who wants to clean their karma completely, to clean the past not only from this life, but also from the past ones, he will have to learn to work with the past lives – to see them, to raise them, understand negative situations, problems, mistakes that were made, apologize to everybody, accept everybody, forgive everybody, purify it as much as possible in energetic levels and close the lives. The past life is being examined not for the sake of curiosity or some game, this is done in order to clean – it’s needed for work with yourself. When we see, it becomes easier to understand what consequences we get from one or another negative actions and energies that we create. Realizing this allows us not to repeat them. So, in the 5th tier we can perceive all of our errors and their consequences, fix them to stop the influence of karmic bounds upon us.

A complete clean-up of karma – why do I need it? That’s the question asked by people with no big problems in life, who say ‘everything’s fine for me’. Here I give another question – ‘are you really controlling your life? Nobody ever deceives you, betrays you? Are you really getting what you want, do you really know what your Heart desires? Or do you only get things and then seek for more and more, but there’s always emptiness inside, no joy, so you’re trying to fulfill your inner self with material things (some want to become famous, some wealthy, threatening, get the power)?’ That’s the essence – it prevents us from becoming ourselves, from getting to know ourselves. It comes from the past and rules over us – unexpected things happen to good people – they get ill, die from cancer, something bad happens to their children. Why? How can it be, they haven’t done anything wrong in this life? But nobody has nullified the past ones. That’s why you should work with them, not to have so called baggage, not to have threads that manipulate you as a puppet from the past. Because the things that you have done hundreds of years ago are not nullified and it would be an error to think that ‘since I’m born in a new life, I start everything from the beginning’. We have arrived anew only to this life, but we bear the responsibility for the past lives, it is necessary to understand. Of course, if you don’t like it, you can leave it as it is without fixing anything, it’s up to you to choose where to be. But this is needed to be free. You need to clean yourself completely to be able to create without the influence of the past or the present, without having non divine bonds, negative energies.




First part


Our words, thoughts and actions are indeed divine. We are following our own divine path, we know who we are, why we are here, we are fulfilling it and living in it.


The sixth tier is a very high spiritual, ethereal and physical level that we have achieved, there is no karma left, we create the future. In the 5th tier we were still cleaning the karma, here, in the 6th, it’s cleaned completely, there are no consequences from the past, no sequels that could have an effect on us. We are creating the future. We are working with ourselves here and now, our life is diverse, but there are no more angry people around us that would be teaching us (angry because they are the teachers). There are no more angry people in my life. As I say ‘they don’t come close to me’. I live like others: I go everywhere, I eat, I travel, I am an ordinary man, but I do not meet those that fight, quarrel, shout, I don’t see car accidents, misfortunes, though they happen everyday, it’s just me who doesn’t see them – I have learnt and understood everything, there’s nothing I should be taught. That’s why I can create peacefully, not affected by anyone, concentrating on what I am doing. Now I’m creating these methods that will awaken you, that will help you see, know yourself, understand who you are, and maybe also create with me, if you choose it. The sixth tier is a creation in which we follow our divine path, the path that we have chosen, we are fulfilling our mission for which we have come here, because we know already who we are, what we can, what is our structure. We are already accomplishing it and walking the right path, not trying nor wondering anymore.


Second part


We realize completely the consequences of our actions, we see counteractions and results of every single action, we know precisely what we are creating and what is the goal of it.


We reach deeper levels of perception when we know the counteraction of our every single action. We understand completely what we are doing, what we are creating and with what purposes. Whatever I decide to do, I know what counteraction there will be, where it will bring, how far it will go, that’s why I’m careful and responsible in my choices, thoughts, intentions. You need to choose very carefully what to tell, because everything we think, tell or do, everything has consequences and we see them, so there should be a complete perception of what we are doing, creating and with what goals. That’s the sixth tier.



We live in what we have created, divine materiality, the highest vibrations and energies attainable for a man.


The 6th and the 7th tiers are connected, because creative process brings a man from the 6th directly into the 7th. After reaching the 7th the man lives in what he has created – in the divinity, in the highest attainable here on Earth vibrations. I tell at once, I’m not completely there myself, so I cannot tell much about it. I’m talking only about my own experience, the experience of the people that I communicate with, the people that I have awakened, that I have helped. That makes me happy, that’s my destiny to give knowledge to them. They are already working with other people, also awakening, helping others. That’s already hundreds of people, and they are doing great. Of course, there are some difficulties, some work to do, but when you can wake up in a month or two, it’s a perfect time to do it. So, the 7th tier – everything is already created, completed, you are already living in your own levels. These are the highest possible energies and vibrations for a man here on Earth.




You got brief and summarized information how it is possible to see and understand everything what is happening – to understand why you get ill, see the disease, it’s causes, realize what and why has happened, why we have what we have. It is very important not to deal with the consequences after something has happened (that’s what usually is being done – dealing with the consequences), but to forestall the problem – to know and to understand what we are doing, what and which consequences could have, so to deal with the causes. We are not offering a remedy, let’s say, when you have a headache, you could take a pill and the problem ‘is solved’, but this way you are only managing the consequences, your head will ache again. We understand why the head is aching, we clean everything in the ethereal levels and there is no headache anymore since we have eliminated the cause of the pain. The importance is to understand that this is not a remedy, this is a possibility not to get ill anymore.

You need to understand that now everything is simple. It’s hard to believe for many – that you don’t need any meditations, exercises, techniques to see and hear everything, to be able to talk with anything – past, present, future – the man has no limits. There are hundreds of proves right here and right now.


What I am proposing is not a remedy, it is a possibility not to get ill anymore. (J.C.)


I’m also inviting people who want to realize themselves by helping others, people that care about others’ well-being, who also want to help others to wake up, to start to see, to be healthy and happy, to understand and achieve their real goals, to know the real selves – join me. I will help you to understand, to see, maybe teach you how to do it. Would be nice to have more people like this, because so far we are few, and there are lots of people around the world waiting for this type of help which we can provide. I invite everyone who wants to teach other people, bring the knowledge, convey the information and do it sincerely – contact me, I’ll help as much as I can. I think everybody needs to know it. I would like to help everybody who got interested in my experience.


Yours, Jevgenijus Černyš

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